aging Aging, yes, it is the process of growing older. But what does that mean? If it only has to do with how many years you have lived then everybody your age would look and feel the same. We know that is not true. A few years ago, I saw 4 men finishing a day of snow skiing at Mammoth Mountain that were very happy to ski for free because all of them were over 80 years old. I have also worked in nursing homes full of people in their 60’s.

As we age we get stiffer that makes us not use our joints fully. We have collected scar tissue and thickening of our muscle structure due to prior auto accidents, sport injuries, household accidents or repetitive microtrauma due to our profession, hobbies and sports.

Nothing makes you look and feel older when you are stiff and painful. Especially when you have to give up what you enjoy doing.
How can you be like the 80-year-old skiers?

!. Eat healthy…. fruit, veggies and variety of proteins preferring the leaner cuts. Easy on the carbohydrate and choose whole grains and natural foods, no chemicals

2. Stretch daily after you are warm. Do it after a bathing or getting your heartrate up with walking.
(If this hurt, see # 7 )

3. Do a minimum 20 minutes of cardio exercise daily.
(If this hurts, see # 7 )

4. Drink up to half your body weight in pure water. Start slowly just drink one more glass tomorrow and increase another glass water each week. Start as soon as you get up. Too much liquid at night ruins a good night sleep. (If you have cardiac or kidney problems get approval from your physician.)

5. Speaking of sleep……it’s really important! That’s when your brain reboots and all our cells get a makeover. Try for 8 hours.

6. Think positive thoughts. This sound too simple but there is a direct relationship with emotions and aging.

7. Come see me. I will work on restoring your posture and joint function which will free you up to do 1 thru 6!

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