In the last decade massage has come a long way. You can still get basic massage therapy that feels really good for several days, but nothing is fixed. Therapeutic bodywork was started with the research of Dr. Ida Rolf. Today most advanced techniques are based on her work.  Many conditions like plantar fasciitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, shoulder impingement, headaches and poor posture can be vastly improved by therapeutic massage.

Research has shown, “no pain – no gain” is false. When a therapist causes pain, your muscles tighten and you want to move away. Your “fight or flight” mechanism is activated. The best correction of soft tissue is pain free. When time is taken, muscles can be treated from superficial to deeper tissue as the layers soften.

Through soft tissue manipulation and movement education, therapeutic bodywork affects body posture and structure over the long-term. Unlike regular massage, which often focuses on relaxation and relief of muscle discomfort, Therapeutic bodywork is aimed at improving body alignment and functioning by understanding which muscles need lengthening and those that need strengthening.

Therapeutic body work is a dynamic and emerging field that is gaining in popularity and works well with chiropractic, physical therapy and acupuncture.

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