The combination of massage and chiropractic is magical and completely natural. Tight muscles can pull bones out of place. When bones are misaligned, they can exert pressure on nerves that will tighten muscles. Some muscle will tighten just to protect a painful spine.
The main function of muscles is movement. Muscles are the only tissue in the body that has the ability to contract and move the other parts of the body. The muscular system maintains your posture and body position.

Muscles all have a normal resting length. This is the length that they are most comfortable and function optimally. If a muscle is too short (spasmed or tight) this leads to pain and alteration of posture and position of your bones. Weak overstretched muscles can also cause the same problems. When muscles are in their normal resting length they support the spine and all of your joints properly.
In my office, aligning muscles and bones are equally important.

In the last decade massage has come a long way. You still can find basic massage therapy that will feel really good for a day but nothing is fixed. Therapeutic massage therapists are advance in their education and knowledge of the body. Many conditions can be fixed by therapeutic massage. Also, we know now “no pain, no gain” is false. The best correction of soft tissue in pain free.

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