You knew there was something different about six-year-old Kimberly because other kids her age were not taking care of Barbie’s “injuries” or figuring out how to cure Ken’s headache. It is a blessing to find your path so early in life. Dr. Peters knew from childhood that her life’s work would be in the service of people’s health. In early adult years she found tremendous fulfillment working as a military medic and nurse’s aide, before earning her credentials as a Registered Nurse. Still not enough, Kimberly sought advanced training to work in critical care units until she injured her back. Utterly astonished when all her pain was gone after a single chiropractic visit, Kimberly then turned all her attention to learning as much as possible about natural health and chiropractic care. By 1984, she was graduated from chiropractic school with honors and opened what quickly became a busy private practice in the Los Angeles area for the next 20 years.


It seems personal injury was again an unlikely guiding light. Dr. Peters sustained a rare disc injury to her thoracic spine that required surgical approach through her rib cage to fuse T9 and T10 vertebrae that brought constant pain from extensive scar tissue. All efforts by chiropractors, physical therapists and personal trainers provided no relief until four years later when she met an exceptional bodyworker, and under his care, she finally became pain free. To her surprise, this bodyworker knew more than Dr. Peters did regarding soft tissue injury treatment and she soon realized that for longer lasting results soft tissue injuries require a very specific type of treatment that was not part of normal chiropractic training. Motivated by passion once more, she enrolled in massage school and shortly after graduating quickly developed a new client base. Dr. Peters worked evenings and weekends at a successful retail massage chain, day spas and even at a residential care facility to apply her new skills to a wide, diverse cross-section of people and their ailments. She concurrently attended dozens of classes and intensive trainings, which further expanded her already highly cultivated knowledge base and skill sets. It would be hard to say who was thrilled more with the results: Kimberly or her clients.


Today, Dr. Peters has developed Advanced Chiromassage Therapy and is booked several weeks in advance. Never satisfied, she continues to research and develop new ways to teach and share this technique with others. For her this is a privilege and honor.

“Most of the time Advanced Chiromassage Technique will eliminate the need for chiropractic adjustments and creates lasting results. My desire is to empower massage therapists and to help them achieve their full potential to heal their clients.” Dr. Kimberly Peters


Doctor of Chiropractic for 30 years Cleveland Chiropractic College Graduated Magnum Cum Laude 1984 California State Certified Massage Therapist NCBTMB Approved CE Provider NCBTMB Certified in “Therapist Massage and Bodywork”

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