Advanced Chiromassage Therapy

Continuing Education Classes Taught by Dr. Kimberly Peters

Dr. Kimberly Peters

Have you ever wanted to take your practice to new heights, into exciting new territory? But you’re so comfortable with your same routine. Is your work good, maybe really good, but, it’s not growing in pace with your thoughts and heart? YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO GROW, BUT WHERE? HOW? Well, you know what? Whether you are just starting out, or advanced and eager for cutting edge technique, my seminars are designed to deliver you to your next level of expertise. These seminars contain tremendous quality and quantity of hands-on practice and is delivered in small, highly supportive classes. My teaching assistants and I will personally help you master new techniques at your table. You will gain a deeper understanding of the body’s physiology and anatomy enabling you to see patterns of muscle imbalances quickly. Come spend an exciting weekend with me to free up your talent. Feel confident Monday morning that you will be able to put your new knowledge into practice. Your clients will be thrilled!” Sincerely, Kimberly

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 What Is Advanced Chiromassage?

Advanced Chiromassage Technique is a pain free therapeutic massage technique that re- balances soft tissue to restore spinal alignment, posture and joint function without chiropractic manipulation.

“Kimberly has been working on my knee for the last several months. When I first came to her I was disabled and not working because my knee had 3 surgeries that left me with a stiff elephant leg. Now I am back to work and my knee and leg are great! Thanks!” Marci B.

“Kimberly has been my chiropractor for over 30 years but as I got older and more stooped over the chiropractic did not work as good. When she started doing the Chiromasssage after the first treatment I was standing tall and I could really breath better. I was shocked how this relaxing massage could change my life. I have so much energy now.” Nona H.

  “I am a massage therapist and was really surprised how one massage could change my posture. With this technique the results lasted. I have been taking seminars from Kimberly and it totally changed my practice. I can take on really challenging conditions with confidence now. She makes it fun to learn and easy to understand.” Lois D.

Master painless therapeutic techniques so your clients can be painless!

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